Basic Needs

Services – Basic Needs

Helping families with emergency food, rent and utility assistance

OCR works with families residing within the Owasso and Collinsville school districts. To receive services families must have household income at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty level; have a source of income or is a full-time student. Those without an income must be actively seeking employment or utilize OCR’s Job Center. Income qualifications also include being approved for SNAP, Social Security or Disability benefits (letters of certification are required).

Clients are eligible to apply for services with the following frequency:

  • Food pantry – once every 30 days
  • Pick 5 – by appointment, a minimum of 5 food items can be received with proof of residence and photo ID
  • Emergency Utility Assistance – once every 12 months for each utility
  • Emergency Rent Assistance – once every 12 months
  • Back to School Supplies – once every 12 months per child
  • Angel Scholarship Activities Program – once every 12 months per child
  • Thanksgiving Basket – once every Thanksgiving per household
  • Giving Tree – once per Christmas per child or disabled senior
  • Job Link Program

o   Gas cards for transportation related to job search or newly attained job – once per 12 months per person

Required Documentation for all services:

  • Client application form – new application must be filled out once every six months.
  • Recent form of income verification for every member of the family that is working outside of the home. (If no income, must be looking and fill out the proof of application for employment form.)
  • Current Photo Identification
  • Second form of Identification
  • Current proof of residency (utility bill, mail with post mark stamp, etc.

Individuals residing in Owasso or Collinsville who self-declare and provide no income information can receive two sacks of USDA groceries every 30 days.

 Additional documentation required for specific programs:

Utility assistance

  • Must also provide the recent disconnect notice or most recent monthly bill.

Rental assistance

  • A copy of lease
  • A copy of the eviction notice or late payment notice.
  • Clients qualify on the 5th day after the due date, according to the lease, or with an eviction notice, whichever comes first.