Core Values

Compassion  Diversity  Generosity
Discernment  Education Integrity

Client Rights – We work to ensure that our clients receive the help needed in a professional manner.  OCR strives to provide services to families with respect and dignity. Families will receive services in a safe environment protected from harm, abuse, and neglect.
OCR provides services without regard to your race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, age, degree of disability, handicapping condition, and/or legal status.
Families will never be neglected or sexually, physically, verbally or otherwise abused.
All records are treated in a confidential manner.
Families may request the opinion and/or services of other social services agencies and can receive an explanation of the reason for denial of our services to you or your family.
Families can also assert grievances with respect to any alleged infringement of these stated rights, or any other statutorily granted rights.
No individual or family will ever be retaliated against or subject to any adverse conditions or treatment services solely or partially because of having asserted your rights as stated above.